OASIS singer Liam Gallagher has denied that he appears in photos on Google Street View.

The Sun had reported that a man standing outside The Queens pub in London was the frontman responsible for hits including CIGARETTES AND ALCOHOL.

However, in a post on social networking site Twitter, Liam denied the claims, stating he has better fashion sense than the individual in question.

"By the way, just saw Google Earth apparently that's meant to be me, who the f*** wears legwarmers with Reeboks?? Not this kid!!," he wrote.

Whoever the man in question is, his resemblance to Liam, and his gesture towards the camera, has certainly caused much debate among fans.

Currently, the singer and his band mates are in Japan, promoting their latest album DIG OUT YOUR SOUL.

However, things might not be going as planned, with Noel Gallagher bemoaning the fact that the band had played three below par gigs in a row on his tour blog.

30/03/2009 10:27:25