Liam Gallagher says the biggest myth about Oasis is that his brother Noel Gallagher has more talent than him.

The 44-year-old singer and his 49-year-old sibling have gone their separate ways since their group disbanded in 2009 following a huge backstage bust-up between before a concert in Paris, France.

Since the demise of the 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' rockers, Noel has gone on to release two solo albums, while Liam made two records with new band Beady Eye and his currently recording his own solo LP and although Noel wrote the majority of Oasis' biggest hits the outspoken frontman insists the key to their success was the dynamic between them both.

Asked what the biggest misconception about Oasis is in an interview with, Liam answered: ''I don't know ... I think we wore our hearts on our sleeve. I guess there's one that Noel's the talented one and I'm not. That's a big one.''

This year, Liam and Noel revisited the band's beginnings in Manchester and journey to their mammoth open-air concerts at Knebworth in 1996 which were attended by 250,000 fans for documentary film 'Supersonic' - directed by Mat Whitecross.

The 'I'm Outta Time' songwriter enjoyed looking back but has admitted he doesn't own any souvenirs or mementos from the band's career, preferring to collect items owned by his musical heroes.

He said: ''Oasis stuff? Nah. I've got loads of Beatles stuff, Jimi Hendrix, got loads of Bob Marley s**t, pictures, stuff like that.''

Liam also confirmed he still owns a set of beads that were owned by his idol John Lennon that Noel bought him as a birthday present and claimed he had lost after wearing them on a night out.

The 'Some Might Say' singer revealed: ''I've still got them. They were beads that he wore when he met the Maharishi. They were in a glass case like what you get platinum albums in, I thought f**k that man they're not staying in there, so I smashed it open and put 'em around me neck.''