Liam Gallagher is convinced his brother Noel deliberately sabotaged Oasis to fulfil a burning desire to be the frontman of his own rock band.

The British siblings shot to fame in the 1990s when Liam was the singer in the group and Noel was the guitarist and principle songwriter.

They split in 2009 following a series of increasingly bitter bust-ups between the two, and now Liam has aired his suspicion that his brother had been secretly planning a solo career for years.

He tells Q magazine, "Noel wanted out, man, don't be f**king kidded. He always wanted to be a frontman. He loves being in the f**king spotlight, being in charge. All that c**p about, 'This has been thrust upon me, let's deal with it together.' F**k off, you've been planning it for years, you c**t."

Liam went on to form a new band, Beady Eye, while his brother now fronts Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.