Liam Gallagher claims his brother Noel didn't ''allow'' the rest of Oasis to be involved with the group.

The Beady Eye rocker insists it is because he is a ''good f***ing guy'' that Gem Archer, Chris Sharrock and Andy Bell opted to join him in his current band when their former group split in 2009 because his sibling - who has enjoyed solo success with his 'High Flying Birds' project since Oasis' demise - allowed them little input with songwriting.

He said: ''Strip away all the big gigs and all the financial s**t and you were left with one man in charge of a band who weren't allowed to write or play.

''The proof is in the pudding. I'm not a ****. I'm a good f***ing guy. I've never sacked anyone in my entire life. Noel has, on the other hand.

''He was always bound to come out on top for the first record, because he was the one who wrote them kind of songs, with the big anthemic choruses. He's been writing that script for 20 years, and people have become used to that style. Whereas me, Gem and Andy - no one's really heard our style.''

Liam also believes that his brother had been masterminding a plan to launch a solo career for some years before Oasis split.

He added to Q magazine: ''Noel wanted out, man, don't be f***ing kidded. He always wanted to be a frontman. He loves being in the f***ing spotlight, being in charge.

''All that crap about, 'This has been thrust upon me, let's deal with it together.' F**k off, you've been planning it for years, you ****.''