Liam Gallagher thinks modern rock stars are too nice to each other.

The outspoken singer insists he has never courted fame but thinks he has stayed in the spotlight because so many other high-profile musicians don't have anything controversial to say.

He said: ''It's f***ing interesting [that I've stayed famous] considering I don't f***ing court it or go to naff parties and hang out with celebrities.

''They seem to still come and f***ing hunt me down. It's cos there's no f***ing characters man.

''God bless Ed Sheeran, God bless Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn and Coldplay and all of that. But everyone's f***ing cuddling each other and playing on each other's records.''

The 'Wall of Glass' singer enjoys being famous, but he does get annoyed when people stop him for autographs when he's enjoying a night out.

He told the latest issue of Q magazine: ''It's a pain in the a**e having a pint and, 'Can I have your autograph?' 'Yeah. Have you got a pen and paper?' 'No.' 'Well what do you want me to do? Go down WH Smith and get it for you?'

''But the majority of the fame thing, I've handled it pretty well. I like meeting the people and having a chat. Fame. Piece of p**s.''

Liam, 44, enjoys receiving abuse on Twitter because he thinks receiving only messages from fans would turn him into a ''k**bhead''.

He said: ''That's what makes the world go round. Bring it on. Love and abuse, all in a big pot. That's what I'm about.

''The thought of f***ing love, love,love makes me wanna throw up. I'm a bit of a punk like that.

''Too much f***ing love can turn you into a k**bhead. Bit of abuse keeps your feet on the ground.''

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