Liam Gallagher would ''rather be naked'' or ''torch himself'' than dress like Ed Sheeran, Craig David or Sir Mick Jagger.

The ex-Oasis star - who has his own designer men's clothing label Pretty Green - would prefer to bare all than swap his trademark parka coats for the clobber of the flame-haired singer, garage king and Rolling Stones frontman.

Asked by presenter Dave Berry on UK radio station Absolute Radio which of the three musicians' styles he'd copy , the rocker replied: ''Never ... I'd rather be naked. I'd rather set fire to myself, just torch myself. Craig David just wears white doesn't he?

''Do you know what I mean? So that's not a good one is it at a festival.

''Mick Jagger, f***ing come on man, I'm not getting into his gear, skinny little thing isn't he. Ed Sheeran, no.''

The 'I've All I Need' singer - who supported The Rolling Stones at the London Stadium last month - previously admitted he wasn't ''arsed'' when it came to 'Shape of You' hitmaker Ed's music, though he later admitted he thought he was ''talented''.

He said last year: ''He is talented. I don't know much about him but he is talented.''

Liam, 45, previously joked if his debut solo LP, 'As You Were', had ''bombed'', he would have needed to start working as a seamstress at Pretty Green.

The 'Greedy Soul' hitmaker - who founded the brand, which primarily sells his signature parka coats, in 2006 - was worried Oasis fans might not have warmed to his solo tunes and that he'd be forced to take up an alternate career to earn money.

The 'Songbird' songwriter's fear came from the fact the band Beady Eye he formed after the Britpop legends split in 2009 - following a backstage bust-up with his older brother and former bandmate Noel Gallagher - didn't have much success with their two records; 'Different Gear, Still Speeding' and 'BE'.

He confessed: ''I thought the album might bomb ... that people might have had enough of me and I'd have to start f***ing sewing at Pretty Green. If the album bombs, you can't do gigs. The second Beady Eye one didn't f***ing work. The gigs were getting smaller. That's why we knocked it on the head. There was no point doing a third one - we'd be playing f***ing pubs.''

However, the record - which features the hits 'Wall of Glass' and 'For What It's Worth' - was a global hit and went platinum in the UK.