Liam Gallagher makes his dogs poo with excitement.

The Beady Eye singer likes to torment his pet pooches by taking out their leads and making them believe he's going to take them for a walk.

The antagonistic musician winds them up so much the canines can't control their bodily functions - and then he doesn't take them out for a run.

He jokingly told NME magazine: ''I like winding me dogs up. I just stand there with the lead, shaking it for f***ing ages until they're sh***ing and p***ing all over the floor. And I'm stood there going, 'Walkies!' Then I sit back down again.''

Liam, 40, doesn't just like to antagonise his pets, he also likes to pester his kids - sons, Lennon and Gene - his wife, All Saints star Nicole Appleton, and his mother Peggy.

He added: ''I like winding me kids up, I like winding me mum up, I like winding me missus up.''

Although Liam says he likes to ''wind up'' his mutts, who include a Dachshund called Ruby Tuesday, the former Oasis frontman is an avid dog lover.

The 'Wonderwall' singer previously donated a classic Epiphone Casino guitar adorned with his signature to be auctioned for PUP AID - a charity which raises money for the Dogs Trust, Kennel Club Charitable Trust and the Oldies Club.