Liam Gallagher has been accused of having a ''lack of focus'' in his child support battle.

The 42-year-old rocker has missed a number of New York hearings relating to the money he pays Liza Ghorbani for his 22-month-old daughter Gemma and Ira Garr, a lawyer representing the journalist, thinks the main problem has been with accountants.

He said: ''I think the cause is that everything is going through the accountants and Fiona Shackleton's office.

''It might be for want of a lack of a better word, a lack of focus.

''If you have lengthy financial matters in if there's a child support case it's far more taxing than the child support issue which is basically coming to a number and how it's going to be paid.''

The former Oasis rocker is currently paying $5,000 a month until a final decision is made and the deal would be reviewed every three years if a new agreement isn't reached.

And Liam could be left worse off as state laws state he could be forced to pay more if his income increases by 15 per cent in that time.

The lawyer explained to MailOnline: ''Liam's band [Oasis] has disbanded. Let's say he and his brother work it out and get back together.

''If they did do they would make a zillion dollars. When [bands] don't perform in years and they go back on tour they make a fortune.

''Why would someone subject themselves to coming back [to New York] every three years?

''When you do an agreement it's done. That's it.''

It is believed Liam - who has another daughter, Molly, 16, and sons Lennon, 15, and Gene, 13, from previous relationships - is waiting until his divorce agreement from his youngest son's mother Nicole Appleton is finalised before resolving his situation with Liza.