Liam Gallagher is at a place in his life where he is ''surrounded by a lot of lovely people'' and he's never been happier.

The 47-year-old singer recently got engaged to his partner Debbie Gwyther and in 2018 he began building a relationship with his estranged daughter Molly, 22, after not seeing her for several years due to his strained relationship with her mother, songwriter and Kill City singer Lisa Moorish.

Liam insists having both Debbie and Molly in his life as well as his sons Lennon, 19, and 18-year-old Gene - whose mothers are his first wife Patsy Kensit and second spouse Nicole Appleton respectively -mean that he's never been in a better place.

In an interview with Scottish newspaper The Herald, he said: ''I've got a lot of love in my life. I'm surrounded by a lot of lovely people. So there's a lot of meaningful stuff going on.''

Liam wrote the song 'Now That I've Found You' - from his second solo album 'Why Me? Why Not.' - about Molly and he admits the joy in his life is naturally making its way into his music.

Explaining why he was inspired to pen a track about Molly, he explained: ''It's because I've started having a relationship with my daughter ... which I've not had for 20 years. I also wrote a song, 'When I'm In Need', about Debbie. I don't force it. It just write about what's coming through the airwaves.''

Liam has been misunderstood in the past due to his occasional wild antics and arrogant stage persona but he believes people can now see he is a ''good person''.

The former Oasis frontman said: ''I've definitely got older, but I wouldn't say wiser. Maybe a little bit. But I'm a good, good person. I make mistakes. We all do. I'm not a robot. You split me open and there's goodness in there.''