Liam Gallagher is obsessed with brushing his teeth.

The 46-year-old rocker - who once had several of his teeth knocked out by a group of computer salesmen during a row in Munich in 2002 - has said he's ''constantly'' scrubbing at his gnashers, and even takes a toothbrush with him when he goes out, especially because he wants to make sure his smile is nice and white when fans ask him for a picture.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, he said: ''I'm constantly brushing my teeth. Whenever I walk past a toothbrush I'll have a little go, quick tidy. I take one out with me as well.

''I had one last time I went to City and Arsenal. The security geezer asked me what it was for.

''I said, 'Because the red wine's good at Arsenal and I'll be getting stuck into it in hospitality. And I don't want to look like I've eaten a plum'.

''Especially when people are asking you for f***ing selfies every two seconds.''

Meanwhile, the 'Shockwave' hitmaker recently called for drugs to be legalised in the UK because he isn't happy with the quality of the illegal substances, and thinks they'd be better if trade was allowed.

Discussing what he'd do if he was Prime Minister, he said: ''I'd legalise drugs because they are shocking these days. Improve the quality and make some money out of it. Get the Peruvian back. 'Cos at the moment, I'm not enjoying the quality of the drugs.''

Liam - who has children Molly, 22, Lennon, 19, Gene, 18, and Gemma, six, from previous relationships - doesn't think current politicians are doing enough to fight the knife crime epidemic and have their priorities wrong.

He added: ''I have teenage kids who are out and about.

''And then you hear that dude [the mayor of London] saying 'Oh, London's open for trade.' Who gives a f**k about selling a couple of bananas or fish or some wood? That can wait. Get the youth sorted out!''