Liam Gallagher spent £3,000 on toys during a shopping spree.

The Beady Eye frontman - who has three children, daughter Molly, 13, and sons Lennon, 12, and Gene, 10, by three different women - splashed out on items including remote control cars, game consoles and a toy helicopter while out in Manchester and the self-confessed "big kid" couldn't wait to get home to play with them.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Liam left a toy store with loads of stuff and confessed, 'I'm a big kid at heart, I enjoy boys' toys, what can I say?' He did say he's planning to really treat his kids too though."

Liam recently revealed he is very proud of his sons Lennon - whose mother is his ex-wife Patsy Kensit - and Gene - his child with spouse Nicole Appleton - and thinks they will one day enjoy chart success of their own.

Asked who he thinks should be responsible for the future of rock 'n' roll, the 'Bring the Light' singer - who was previously in Oasis with his brother Noel - said: "My kids mate. They're gonna have it. My little boy Gene is a drummer. He did his first gig the other day at school.

"He got up in front of 200 people at the school, first gig ever and he was drumming as well as the 14, 15 year olds. But whereas they were all s**tting it, he got off and went, 'Yeeeeesssss man.' Big round of applause. And my other kid's having a crack at the guitar."