Liam Gallagher is great at buying Christmas presents.

The Beady Eye singer isn't one for lavishing gifts on people throughout the year, but makes amends when it comes to the festive period by pulling out all the stops.

Liam - who has children Molly, 14 and Lennon, 13 from previous relationships, and is married to Nicole Appleton, with whom he has 11-year-old Gene - said: ''I'm pretty good at getting people presents in general. I get in there. They get f**k all off me all year, so I sort of make up for that at the end.''

Liam, 40, is not bothered about presents himself, all he would really like on December 25th is to see some snow.

He added: ''[My best present would be] the snow mate. I'm staring out of my window now at [London park] Hampstead Heath. It's frosty but I like that. As long as it's not f***ing raining. It's proper Beatles weather. Scarf, long coat, pair of bins [glasses], all is good with the world.''