Liam Gallagher thinks Bradley Walsh is cooler than Pete Doherty.

The former Oasis frontman gets annoyed when people like The Libertines frontman and his brother and bitter rival Noel Gallagher refuse to label themselves rock stars and instead call themselves ''poets''.

Speaking to Music Week about Pete, Liam moaned: ''He's not a rock star though is he?

''I don't know what he is, but he shied away from all that. There's a lot of people that think 'rock star' is a dirty word these days. 'Ooh, I'm not rock n' roll, I'm a poet'.

''F**k off mate, when you joined a band when you were 17/18, you wanted to be like Keith Moon or Keith Richards.

''People like that p**s me off.

''I've heard our kid turn around and go, 'oh I'm not a rock star'. Yeah, you can f***ing say that again mate. I'm proud to be one and I do exactly what it says on the f**ing tin.''

And on his admiration for the TV presenter - who recently announced his second covers album 'When You're Smiling' - the 'Wall of Glass' hitmaker added: ''I'm having him! He's cool man.

''I like him. I haven't got a problem with that because he's not a real musician, he's just having a little singsong. I've not heard it and that but I like him, I think he's all right. He doesn't take himself seriously, like myself.''

Liam and Pete have been at loggerheads for years, recently the 'Can't Stand Me Now' hitmaker said he was stressing out because Liam has pinched his Babyshambles bass player Drew McConnell.

He said: ''Stressification on the band front, Drew playing bass guitar for Liam Gallagher's new tour.''

The pair have another mutual person in common as they both have children by 90s indie rocker Lisa Moorish.

The 'Live Forever' hitmaker has 20-year-old daughter Molly with the former Kill City singer and Pete has 14-year-old son Astile.

They have feuded several times over the years, one of the most notable though was At V Festival in 2005.

Liam labelled the Babyshambles star ''one big c***'' on stage after he didn't turn up for his support slot with Oasis at the Rose Bowl in Southampton, South West England.

He said on stage at the event held in Chelmsford, Essex: ''It's good to see Pete Doherty turned up. One big c***.''