Liam Gallagher feels sorry for people who have a stylist.

The Beady Eye singer - who has his own clothing collection, Pretty Green - can't understand why anyone would want to hire someone who picks out their clothes for them.

Speaking about what gives British style a bad name, Liam told ShortList magazine: ''Anyone who wears what they are told to wear and not what they want to wear. You know, the ones who have stylists. If you don't know what you look good in, then I feel sorry for you.''

Liam chooses all his own clothes and says it's very rare for him to make a mistake with what he's wearing.

When asked about his own fashion Errors, the confident frontman said: ''It's not for me to point out. I'm sure there have been a few mistakes, but overall I'm cool as f**k.''

Liam also revealed how his favourite era for British style was the 1960s.

He said: ''It was when lads were buzzin' and defining their style.''