Liam Gallagher's inflamed vocal cords have been treated with a cortisone injection.

The 47-year-old rocker was forced to cut his Hamburg show short on Wednesday night (05.02.20) - only managing to perform four songs - after the voice issue, and he later revealed he would have ''done more damage'' to his vocals if he had carried on.

He wrote on Twitter: ''Sorry to everybody who came to the gig tnight in Hamburg my voice was not there and if I'd have carried on I'd have done more damage to it I love you all and hope you understand I'll make it up to you LG x (sic)''

Now, he has reassured fans that it's likely he will be fit enough to return to the stage for his Amsterdam show at the city's Ziggo Dome on Friday night (07.02.20), after having the shot of the pregnane steroid hormone.

He updated his fans: ''So I've had the doctor out vocal chords are inflamed he's give me a shot of cortisone reckons I should be rite for the gig tmorrow fingers crossed sorry once again to my brothers n sisters in Hamburg LG x (sic)''

The former Oasis frontman suffers from Hashimoto's disease - in which a person's immune system attacks their thyroid gland - and previously said it could make his career end sooner than he'd expected, because it makes his ''voice a lot hoarser'', and causes him to get worn out quickly.

He explained: ''I know singers that come up off that stage and not broke into a sweat. I'm sweating as soon as I say hello because it's said with verve. You know what I mean. So yeah, that's the way it's going to be and if it lasts 10 years, it lasts 10 years. If it lasts five years, it lasts five years. If it ends tomorrow, I've still had a f***ing blinder do you know what I mean ... [Hashimoto's disease] makes your voice a lot hoarser. That's some of the symptoms.''

Hashimoto's is a chronic condition, and some people suffer with it for their whole lives, whilst others only battle the illness for several years.

Alongside increased fatigue and sluggishness, Hashimoto's can also cause increased sensitivity to cold, hair loss, unexplained weight gain, muscles aches, and depression.

Liam has a number of gigs scheduled throughout the month, including Belgium on Saturday (08.02.20), before a return to Germany, and further shows in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France.