Liam Gallagher has given away his old clothes to the homeless.

The 41-year-old singer has been urged by his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther - who previously acted as manager for Liam's band Beady Eye - to have a clear-out of his wardrobe in his north London home because she thinks he has too many garments.

Fashion-conscious Liam runs his own men's clothing label Pretty Green and has more clothes than he can ever wear so he's decided to give some items to people who really need them.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Debbie has been giving some of his expensive Pretty Green coats and jumpers to homeless young men. She's also given clothes to the local Oxfam.

''Liam gets so much stuff. He used to go through it regularly, but he's been so busy with Beady Eye that Debbie's doing it.

''With it coming up to Christmas and the colder weather on the way, he's asked her to sort through his stuff and help the needy.''

Liam and Debbie, 31, have been living together for the past few months, following the demise of his marriage to Nicole Appleton.

Their five-year union ended acrimoniously after it was revealed the 'Wonderwall' singer had fathered a love child with American journalist Liza Ghorbani and had embarked on a romance with Debbie.

The former Oasis frontman is currently locked in a legal battle with Liza, 39, who is demanding financial support for their 11-month-old daughter Gemma as well as full custody.

Meanwhile, divorce proceedings between Liam and Nicole - with whom he has 12-year-old son Gene - have also begun with the rock 'n' roll legend hiring Fiona Shackleton to represent him as he looks to protect his estimated £40 million fortune.