Liam Gallagher loves dolphins.

The 45-year-old rock star is well known for his larger-than-life persona, but Liam has admitted there's a softer side to his personality, revealing he's got an unlikely love for dolphins.

Asked what he thinks of animals, Liam shared: ''Obviously cats and dogs are great. I'm not into snakes and f***ing gerbils and s*** like that.

''Dolphins are good. Dolphins are f***ing where it's at, man.''

However, Liam isn't so keen on whales, describing them simply as ''fat dolphins''.

Despite being proud of his working-class roots in Manchester, Liam admits that his lifestyle and his tastes have changed over the years.

The former Oasis star - who recently released his long-awaited debut solo album, 'As You Were' - said that his personal evolution has manifested itself in his eating habits.

Speaking to the Evening Standard newspaper, Liam explained: ''Not arsed about lunch. Dinner time I'll have a bite to eat. But I do like a breakfast. I have different foods for different seasons.

''At the moment, winter, I'm bang into the porridge. Then in the summer I have Weetabix with milk and a bit of honey. And spring and autumn I have melon and a little bit of that ham.''

Asked whether it's posh to eat parma ham, Liam responded: ''Yeah, well, I am posh. Posh boy, aren't I?

''I've done well for myself. l like nice things, without a doubt. But I still keep it real with the Weetabix.''

Meanwhile, Liam reflected that the success of his solo record proved that there isn't any need for musicians to experiment too much with their sound.

Reflecting on the response to 'As You Were', he said: ''It's been mega. It's not curing cancer, but there's an appetite for a good album.

''The world moves so f***ing fast and everyone's trying to reinvent the f***ing wheel. I'm not interested - the wheel's alright.''