Liam Gallagher has denied rumours of an Oasis reunion after he called a ''truce'' with his brother and rival Noel Gallagher.

The 45-year-old musician and his older brother have been at loggerheads since the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers went their separate ways in 2009 and have barely spoken to one another since.

But after Liam posted a cryptic tweet earlier this week in which he sent good wishes to a mysterious ''NG'' and wished them a happy Christmas, rumours of reunion have skyrocketed.

However, the 'Wall of Glass' rocker insists there's no chance of the band getting back together, and the pair have simply called for a cease fire with their taunts.

Speaking to Australian newspaper The Age, he said: ''God no, no. Oasis isn't getting back together, not at all. I'm doing my thing, [Noel's] doing his thing and that is the end of it.

''It's still the same - it's just that I've called a truce on it and he's called a truce on it and no more sl***ing.''

It comes after Liam took to Twitter on Tuesday (19.12.17) to hint that he may once again be on speaking terms with his 50-year-old sibling.

He wrote: ''I wanna say Happy Xmas to team NG it's been a great year thanks for everything looking forward to seeing you tmorrow AS YOU WERE LG x (sic)''

And that's not all, as Liam has even claimed Noel has ''reached out'' to him, suggesting they have buried the hatchet once and for all.

When one fan tweeted: ''.......Team who? Your not going to have a meltdown on here come Christmas day are you Liam when NG doesnt reach out to you. (sic)''

Liam responded: ''He's already reached out.''

The comment has sparked new rumours of an Oasis reunion, although both Liam and Noel have previously claimed the chances are unlikely.

'Holy Mountain' singer Noel recently claimed he would never walk on stage with the 'Some Might Say' hitmakers ever again, because of the amount of grief he and his family has received online.

He said: ''My daughter has shown me things people have written about her in regards to Oasis. That's disgraceful.

''It only heightens my resolve that I'll never walk the stage with that band again. [I used to not want to reform the band for] professional reasons, but now it's personal.

''People are coming after my family, and one particular person [Liam] has legitimised it.

''And for that reason you've seen the last of Oasis.''