Liam Gallagher claims his brother Noel is responsible for killing Britpop.

The Gallaghers were at the centre of the 90s music movement as members of Oasis, who had a long running chart feud with Blur, which Liam is upset Noel brought to an end earlier this year by performing with the rival group's singer, Damon Albarn.

Speaking about the musicians' on stage embrace at a show in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust in March, Liam said: ''What killed Britpop? The f***ing fakest cuddle in my entire life, that's what f***ing killed Britpop. Noel and Damon Albarn killed Britpop. Why? Because they thought they invented it, that's why. And when? You know when, ha ha.''

Liam - who fell out with his brother, causing the end of Oasis, in 2009 and now fronts Beady Eye - also thinks Noel and Damon aren't really friends.

He told NME magazine: ''I'm into the Teenage Cancer Trust, but that was b******s. If you think that was genuine you must be living on the f***ing moon. Why do I know that? Because I know my brother.

''That's how I feel. He's full of s**t. I think Damon's alright. [Blur guitarist] Graham Coxon sees right through it, but you know our kid. It'll be Robbie Williams [another former rival] next week.''

Despite saying Noel and Damon were responsible for the end of the rivalry between members of Blur and Oasis, he was the first to extend an olive branch to a member, playing on the same bill as Graham with Beady Eye at a Help Japan show in 2011 to benefit victims of that year's Tsunami which devastated the country.