Liam Gallagher has branded his brother Noel ''an insecure little idiot''.

Liam, 46, believes his long-running feud with his older sibling and former Oasis bandmate Noel, 52, steps from Noel's jealousy over Liam taking his place in their mother Peggy's affections when he was born.

He is quoted by the Daily Star as saying: ''If you look back, there was [older brother] Paul, the first born, and then Noel arrived, and our mother had eyes only for him.

''And what happens then? ¬Ta-da! Here comes Liam, and ¬becomes the apple of his mother's eye and you come down from her lap, because that had become Liam's place, who takes all the ¬attention. If Noel went to a ¬psychologist he would discover he was an ¬insecure little idiot, he's ¬always jealous of me.''

Liam thinks both he and Noel - who have not spoken since disbanding Oasis following a huge row in Paris in 2009 - need to own up to their mistakes.

He said: ''He blamed everything on me. It would have been better if he had told the truth, that he wanted to try a solo career.

''Now he feels better than me, but he is exactly like me, he has the same faults as me, the world would be a better place if we both admitted to being two idiots.

''It was like when Johnny Marr threw Morrissey under the bus, or what Paul Weller did with The Jam. Noel threw me under a bus.''

Meanwhile, Liam recently threatened a ''war'' if he and Noel haven't made up before their mother passes away.

Liam said: ''There's always one bad egg in the family, [our mother's] still got me and she's got our Paul, so it is what it is. I think he [Noel] is having a mid-life crisis.

''It's down to him and it's down to the people around him - there's only so many olive branches you can give someone without going, 'I don't think he really cares anymore', but that's life, we'll see how it ends up.

''I was saying the other day if, God forbid, something happens to my mam and we haven't made up by then... then there will be war. Because there have been so many opportunities on his behalf... It's not about the band getting back together, I'm not a**ed about that. It's about going, 'Look, let's go for a beer let's have a chat of whatever.'

''Obviously I say s**t in the press and he says stuff, and his missus says something and I say something and it's all childish, and we should all grow up... but at the end of the day basically it's down to him, innit.''