Liam Gallagher has blamed his boozy past on his failed marriages and personal ''howlers''.

The 44-year-old rocker has advised the youth of today not to drink heavily and get involved with drugs because it can have a huge impact on the rest of their lives.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I've made some howlers in my personal life, I've had a couple of marriages and hurt my kids and that.

''So personally, my advice would be don't take too many drugs and don't drink too much alcohol.

''You should stop that because that gets you in situations.

''But overall I'm quite happy with how it's all gone and is going.

''I'm a good person and I've had a good life, rock'n'roll has been very good to me.''

Liam has had two failed marriages, Nicole Appleton - with whom he has 16-year-old son Gene - who he split from in 2014 when it was revealed he was expecting a child with Liza Ghorbani following a one-night stand.

And the former Oasis frontman also divorced Patsy Kensit in 2000, with whom he has son Lennon, 17.

The 'For What It's Worth' singer also has 20-year-old daughter Molly following an affair with Lisa Moorish four months after he married Patsy in 1997.

The ''mad for it'' star is known for being one of the most notorious rock 'n' roll hellraisers and during his time in the 'Supersonic' band he got involved in numerous shenanigans, more often than not fuelled by drink and recreational drugs.

However, he's calmed down a lot now he's in his 40s, but he doesn't like to be teetotal all the time because life becomes too dull and he becomes too nice.

He previously said: ''I do like a drink, I'm not an alcoholic, but I like talking s**t to people, I like the s**t that comes with drinking. But I have been sober for six months before, it's just boring. I felt too good, I was opening doors for people and getting old ladies' bags of shopping and saying I'll help you across the road - f**k that. I don't want to feel that good, who wants to feel too good?''