Liam Gallagher admits Blur are his ''guilty pleasure''.

The former Oasis frontman might have been major rivals with Damon Albarn and co back in 90s and blasted his brother Noel Gallagher for collaborating with their frontman, but these days he's a fan of their repertoire.

When asked during Vogue's '73 Questions' series what his guilty pleasure is, the 47-year-old rocker replied: ''Blur.''

The 'Shockwave' singer also admitted that they were the ''most overrated'' band, whilst Oasis were ''underrated''.

Despite their rivalry, Blur bassist Alex James recently insisted they now have a lot of respect for each other.

He explained when asked if he bumps into Liam or Noel: ''Yeah occasionally, I think both bands sort of really earned each other's respect in the end. I certainly respect them.''

Liam even took to Twitter in 2015 to hail Blur's songs 'Lonesome Street' from their LP 'The Magic Whip' ''song of the year''.

He wrote: ''Lonesome St by BLUR song of the year LG x. (sic)''

Despite being a fan of their music, Liam hit out at Damon calling him a ''gobshi*e'' for turning his brother Noel Gallagher into a ''massive girl''.

The pair collaborated on Gorillaz song 'We Got The Power' in 2017, and Liam told his Twitter followers just what he thought of the former Britpop enemies working together.

The 'Supersonic' hitmaker called Noel the ''creepy one from Oasis'' and said there would be ''war'' when he next sees Damon.

In a series of tweets responding to their song, he wrote: ''Now that d*ck out of blur and the creepy 1 out of oasis need to hang there heads in same as it's no dancing in the streets as you were LG x ... he's the creepiest soul in the world watch out he's behind you .. That gobsh*ite out of blur might have turned noel Gallagher into a massive girl but believe you me nxt time i see him there's gonna be war (sic)''

It took Liam just two days after Damon and Noel said they were both expecting the outspoken star to come up with a ''fantastic one-liner'' about the song from the LP 'Humanz' to respond.

Damon revealed he'd always ''promised'' Noel a feature on the record and he thinks it is ''cute'' that they are singing about ''love'', which could be why Liam referred to Noel as a ''massive girl''.

Damon said: ''In a sort of lighthearted way, I'd promised Noel he could be on this record. He was always like, 'I want to be on the next Gorillaz record', and I was like, 'Sure.' I thought it might be cute, the idea of us singing about the power to love each other. Of course, no one's asked Liam what he thinks about the song yet. No doubt he'd have a fantastic one-liner about what a bunch of f***ing knob heads we are.''

However, Noel said he doesn't care what Liam thinks of their collaboration.

He said: ''Listen, nobody gives a f**k what Liam thinks about anything.''