Wildman rocker Liam Gallagher is fighting to save his relationship with pop beauty Nicole Appleton, after a series of arguments over his boozing.

The OASIS singer and former ALL SAINT Nicole - who have a two-year-old son GENE together - are at loggerheads over his partying lifestyle.

An insider says, "Every time they talk, it ends up in a fight. Sadly, life seems just one long succession of arguments.

"Like a lot of couples, Liam and Nicole have their ups and downs, but recently they have been going through a rough patch.

"Liam can see where it is going and he knows that this time it's his fault.

"He desperately want to save the relationship. He is totally in love with Nicole and will do everything he can to keep her."

And 31-year-old Liam has even turned to mentor and former CREATION records boss Alan Mcgee, the man who signed Oasis in 1994.

The source says, "It was a big surprise that he spoke to Alan McGee about the situation. It just shows how bad everything has now become."

19/10/2003 14:18