Liam Gallagher is still not speaking to his brother NOEL - almost 18 months after they split up Oasis.
The British band fell apart in August last year (09) after singer Liam and guitarist Noel had a furious bust-up backstage before a concert in Paris, France.
Noel quit the group in a fury after the argument - and Liam, who went on to form Beady Eye with the remaining members of Oasis, has revealed the warring siblings are still not on speaking terms.
Asked by British magazine NME what the brothers' "relationship" is like now, Gallagher replied: "I haven't got one with him."
And when asked whether his elder sibling has heard Beady Eye's upcoming debut album, he adds: "Don't know. Don't care."
Gallagher is not the only former member of Oasis who has been snubbed by Noel - guitarist Gem Archer says, "I'll see him every now and again. I mean, he's a mate, and I was close with him for 10 years. But at the moment, it's mostly just texts and things like that."