Liam Gallagher has kept the smashed guitar from the infamous fight with his brother Noel which ended Oasis because he is convinced it will be worth a lot of money in the future.
The warring siblings dissolved the British rock band in 2009 following a bust-up backstage at a show in France which became so heated Noel broke one of Liam's guitars.
The singer has now revealed he refused to throw the broken instrument away as he hopes it will one day become a valuable piece of memorabilia.
He tells British talk show host Alan Carr, "He smashed one of (my guitars). I've still got it in pieces. It's a shame, it was a nice guitar... It's rock 'n' roll history man, it'll be worth a few quid (pounds) that in a few year's time that (sic). I could sell it on in bits. That's my pension."