Liam Gallagher has vowed never to rejoin his brother NOEL for an Oasis reunion - and has told fans of the defunct band to "get over it".
The Wonderwall hitmakers split in 2009 after a series of bust-ups between guitarist Noel and his singing sibling culminated in a showdown backstage at a gig in Paris, France.
Liam went on to form new group Beady Eye with his remaining Oasis bandmates - and he's now ruled out ever returning to his roots for a reunion, despite former mentor Alan MCGee's insistence the Britpop band will reform.
He tells Mojo magazine, "(MCGee is) wrong isn't he? And a couple of little c**ts moaning on the f**king internet going, 'Oh it isn't f**king Oasis,' aren't going to bother me. They're going to make themselves f**king sick if they don't get over it.
"It's like wanting your girlfriend back after she's f**ked you off. You'll end up getting yourself ill. They're not going to get me knocking on someone's door saying, 'Come on let's get back together'. It's done, mate. We had a great time. Beady Eye is where we are now... Get rid of all the Oasis songs and just bathe ourselves in Beady Eye."
But the British singer admits he might be forced to perform some of his songs from his days in Oasis if fans at his upcoming Beady Eye concerts don't like his new tracks.
He adds, "The way we see it is that we're Beady Eye and I think it's time for people to get acquainted with us. But somewhere down the line if it goes pear-shaped and we have to play Oasis, I definitely won't be playing Noel's songs, I'll be playing my own."