Liam Gallagher is refusing to give Pete Doherty another chance, after the troubled rocker failed to turn up to a concert where his band Babyshambles were OASIS' support act last month (JUL05).

The WONDERWALL singer was furious when Doherty gave no warning or explanation for his no show at the Southampton Rose Bowl in England on 6 July.

The recovering drug addict was reportedly delayed in France after an argument with his supermodel love Kate Moss.

And Gallagher, himself no stranger to walking on the wild side, insists he will never allow Doherty the opportunity of playing with Oasis again.

He says, "That's where the relationship ended. What we're not going to do is give him a second chance.

"It's not a question of professionalism. It's much more simple than that. This is the greatest group in the world and what we're not going to do is let anyone, Pete Doherty, Liam Gallagher or ELVIS (PRESLEY), f**k it all up."

05/08/2005 17:27