Liam Gallagher's obsession with John Lennon took hold after the Beatles legend died - he was mesmerised by poignant images of the singer during TV tributes.
The former Oasis frontman modelled himself on the musician from the early days of his career, styling his vocals and dress sense on the star.
But now he's confessed he only began idolising Lennon after his death in 1980 - when he saw the promo for Imagine during a news report into the Beatle's assassination.
Gallagher tells Britain's Sunday Times, "I was eight and I remember coming downstairs and seeing Imagine on the telly, which was pretty haunting. I like Lennon's voice. It's all about his voice, I don't care whether he was into peace, or into Yoko, I don't care how big his k**b was or whether he had one ball or f**king three balls, I just like his voice.
"It moves me, makes me sad, makes me happy, makes me angry, makes me whatever."