Rocker Liam Gallagher is convinced his beloved Manchester City are set for a soccer heyday - because the team has always performed well when Oasis weren't.
The lifelong City fanatic admits he was always frustrated when Oasis were at the top of the charts - because his favourite team were dreadful.
And they only tasted success when Oasis were struggling with band feuds and bad press.
Gallagher hopes that now the band has split, Manchester City will storm to the top of the English Premiership.
He tells soccer magazine Four Four Two, "Every time Oasis were doing really well, City were doing really s**t! That always seemed to be the way. But now we've split up, City are doing really good.
"I've had 18 great years with Oasis, so maybe there's some good times ahead with City and that'll take the pain of the band splitting off a bit."