Outspoken OASIS singer Liam Gallagher is relishing The Bravery's war of words with THE KILLERS - and he's urged more rockers to get aggressive with their rivals.

Oasis' own feud with British rivals Blur grabbed UK headlines in the mid-1990s and proved instrumental in turning both bands into chart-toppers.

And now the LYLA rocker is encouraging the American antagonists to take their fight to the bitter end.

The Bravery singer SAM ENDICOTT says, "We were talking to Liam Gallagher on Saturday and he said it's really good to see bands fighting again."

But not every member of the New York act agree - guitarist MICHAEL ZAKARIN admits he simply wants to forget about the highly-publicised spat with their Las Vegas rivals.

He says, "We like to be friends with bands we like. Liam Gallagher was really nice to us. We're totally over The Killers thing."

09/05/2005 13:46