Celebrity couple Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton can't agree on what music their young son Gene should be listening to - because mum fears he's force fed The Beatles and dad can't stand Kiss.
In the pair's first joint TV interview in Canada's George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show, Gallagher revealed his wife has "a funny taste in music", while she confessed she's tired of hearing nothing but the Fab Four.
She says, "As much as I love the Beatles, that's all he plays... I love a lot of old rock music like The Scorpions and Loverboy... and Kiss."
And the former Oasis frontman is not a fan of Gene Simmons' rock act, explaining, "I'm sure they're a big band and that, but guys in make-up don't do it for me - and guys that are very tall, a lot taller than me, in make-up certainly don't do it for me."
And music isn't the only thing that the couple disagree on - Appleton admits her young son's love of drumming drives her crazy.
Gallagher has bought little Gene his own kit and admits he often opts for "the peace and quiet" on the road, touring with new band Beady Eye, because he can get away from his boy and his hobby.
But Appleton adds, "He's good, but it drives me mad."