Liam Gallagher is "having a rest" from drinking alcohol so he can raise his family.

The former Oasis frontman has turned his back on his wild partying days to concentrate on spending time with his two sons Lennon, 10 and Gene, eight.

Liam - who also has an 11-year-old daughter Molly with British singer Lisa Moorish - told Britain's Live magazine: "I've knocked all that on the head since last November. I'll have a drink now and again. But not for the time being - I'm having a rest.

"You must remember, though, that I've caned it for 20 years and not just on the sauce but with all sorts. I've had a great time and now I'm having a break.

"It doesn't work with kids, man. You wake up the next day after a session and you're looking for bits of your kids' homework and football boots. You're all over the place - it's rubbish."

The 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' singer - who has just launched his own fashion line Pretty Green - is now more interested in personal grooming than partying.

He said: "I'm into my haircuts and keeping clean and I will moisturise now and again.

"I'm into smelling good and looking good."

Liam, 37, lives in London with wife Nicole Appleton and Gene. Lennon - his son with first wife Patsy Kensit - splits his time between both parents' houses, while Molly is raised by Lisa.