Lewis Hamilton 's most likely still in bed after the mental weekend that the Formula 1 star had, taking in qualifying and racing at Silverstone, a night out in London and then getting up bright and early to carry the Olympic torch on the Monday morning. Tough schedule.
Hamilton was racing at Silverstone, north of London at around 1pm in the afternoon where he finished a disappointing eight at his home Grand Prix, though he did beat team mate Jensen Button, and now lies in fourth place in the overall standings. There was no time to dwell on that though and he must've headed straight home to get ready for his night out - whilst his girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger holidayed out in Mexico. Hamilton was next spotted in the evening at Zuma in Knightsbridge, London having dinner with a frizzy-haired brunette friend before they moved on to the nightspots Boujis and then Jalouse, eventually emerging at 4am.
Even then though it was no time to get his head down, and a little over two hours later Hamilton was up and in Luton running 300m with the Olympic torch -did he even go to bed we wonder? Hamilton had been supposed to carry the torch in his home town of Stevenage on the Sunday but the Grand Prix meant that he couldn't.