Lewis Hamilton has been in the studio with Jess Glynne.

The Formula One racing world champion is already said to have recording sessions with the likes of Drake and Frank Ocean under his belt, and now the 'I'll Be There' hitmaker has revealed the pair have been working together on new music.

Jess told The Sun newspaper: ''I do know Lewis, he's cool, he's so lovely.

''We talk every now and then and he's a really cool guy. I have been in the studio doing some music with him actually. He loves music and he's a really ­talented guy in all walks of life.

''I know he's really into doing his own thing musically though. And I know when he does release stuff you'll be in for a treat. I performed at one of the Formula 1 gigs and that's how we became friends.''

The pop star has also revealed that she would like to be introduced to Cruz Beckham, 13 - who follows her on Instagram - to help with his aspirations to start a music career.

Speaking about retired soccer star David Beckham and his fashion designer wife Victoria's teenage son, Jess said: ''Cruz Beckham ­follows me, it's so cool. He's the cute little kid with the freckles. I'd love to work with him, I love the Beckhams. I'd love to offer my advice and words to help him.''

Last year, Lewis' good pal Naughty Boy revealed Lewis has been busy in the studio with Grammy Award winner Frank.

Naughty Boy said: ''I've heard people talking about Lewis's music and apparently he is quite good. I would love to hear his stuff. I know he writes it.

''There has been a lot of talk on what he's been up to and I know he's been writing music with Frank Ocean. I think that'll come out at some point.''

Lewis, 33, previously suggested that as soon as he retires from motorsport, he will turn his focus towards music.

He explained: ''This sport is not what my life is about. When I stop, the sport will go on.

''I want to go on and be challenged by something else.''