Levi Johnston and his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby have given birth to his first daughter who they have named Breeze Beretta.

Johnston, 22, was formerly affianced to Bristol Palin; the daughter of the former vice presidential candidate for the Republican party, Sarah Palin, whom he met in his first year of high school and went on to have a son called Tripp Easton Mitchell. He told Inside Edition that he planned to be a bigger part of his new daughter's life than he was in his son's. 'I'm actually in love', he said, 'not doing it just because we had a kid together.' He has been regularly slammed by Bristol for not paying child support or indeed paying any attention to his responsibilities.

Oglesby has revealed that the pregnancy was not planned and that they had simply 'forgot about birth control' during a romantic jaunt to a woodland cabin. Before the birth, they revealed that they would name their daughter after the Italian 'Beretta' handgun which could be a political statement in reference to his feelings of the possible rethink of the second amendment following an outbreak of firearm attacks in the US, or simply because he enjoys a spot of hunting.