Letitia Wright wanted her 'Avengers: Infinity War' world premiere outfit represented ''strong women''.

The 24-year-old actress plays fierce Princess of Wakanda Shuri - T'Challa's genius scientist sister - in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and her stylist Ade Samuel sought out the most perfect designer for her look which would represent Letitia's strength as a powerful young woman.

Speaking to Vogue.com, stylist Ade Samuel said: ''It was important for me to align Letitia with a designer who represents strong women, I love what Miuccia [Prada] does, but I also looked at what Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel did back in the day, because Letitia wanted to represent the fact that young women can look strong and also be smart.''

The pair worked closely on looking for the outfit, which took three weeks to tailor to perfection, and they made changes to play around with a feminine/masculine aesthetic which would represent her character in the film.

Ade continued: ''Her outfit is like two worlds colliding, you see tulle in a double-breasted suiting world, which is uncommon. It's almost a dress mixed with a suit.''

Letitia is based in London and Ade is based in Los Angeles, so they had work together over FaceTime and Ade said she tried to capture the British Born actress' ''fresh'' UK style by ''mixing'' up the look and move away from female red carpet outfit stereotypes.

She said: ''She's always talking about 'UK style!' She's extremely involved, she has a young, fresh take on clothing and she's not glued to the idea that a woman has to wear a dress or heels on the red carpet. She enjoys mixing things up and seeing an idea come to life.''