Letitia Wright relished working with Chris Pratt on the new 'Avengers' movies.

The 24-year-old actress stars as Shuri in the Marvel movies, and even though she's yet to appear on screen with the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' actor, she loved working with him.

She told ComicBook.com: ''Chris Pratt was genuinely a great person. He would like give me bible scriptures out of nowhere and then do a dance and leave. He's great. I love Chris Pratt.''

Letitia made her Marvel debut in the widely acclaimed 'Black Panther', which was released earlier this year.

And the British actress recently revealed she is ''down'' for an ''all-female Marvel cinematic experience''.

Asked about the possibility, she said: ''Let's just do it! I think if we're going into the next phase of Marvel, we've gotta completely tick that off the list. An all-female Marvel cinematic experience. I'm down for that.''

Letitia is also hopeful that her character Shuri will be given a ''bit more responsibility of having a say in what happens in the land'' in the 'Black Panther' sequel.

She said: ''I would like to see [Shuri] venture out [of Wakanda] a little bit more and go on different missions around the world, and hopefully, she can go on those missions with her brother. I'd like to see her have a bit more responsibility in the land as well.

''She is a princess and I think in the first film she's kind of like, 'Yeah, I'm a princess ... but I'm in the lab.' But for her to have a bit more responsibility of having a say in what happens in the land as well, and what goes on, that would be cool because it can show a little bit more of maturity for her.''