Letitia Wright says her faith rescued her from ''a bout of crippling depression'' in 2015.

The 25-year-old actress has admitted that ''putting so much pressure'' on herself to score big roles at the start of her acting career led her to a ''very dark place'' with her mental health.

She said: ''I was putting so much pressure on myself. You get comfortable with the idea of thinking, 'Maybe it's OK to leave.' [I was in] a very dark place.''

When her depression reached a head in 2015, the 'Black Panther' star headed to Bible study to reconnect with her faith, and says immersing herself in Christianity managed to ease her battle with the mental illness.

Letitia turned down a film with Nicole Kidman to focus on her rehabilitative journey that same year, and says she was determined to do something ''more chilled'' with her time.

She added: ''I wrapped it up and was done with it, happy to do anything that was more chilled. But that's not the way God had it with me.''

Once the beauty had come out of her depression in 2016, she hit the ground running with film roles and even believes her faith helped land her the role of Shuri in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And whilst Letitia has been flooded with job offers, she says she ''prides herself'' on making sure she only takes on roles she thinks she's ''right'' for, rather than attaching her name to everything that comes her way.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter magazine, she said: ''I pride myself on keeping it the same as when I came into acting, to not just change the lane and take everything, just because it may have a big name or a big budget. Am I right for this part? Is this what I should be playing? If something feels off in my spirit, I know that's God's way of saying, 'You shouldn't do that.'''