Letitia Wright is ''down'' for an ''all-female Marvel cinematic experience''.

The 'Black Panther' star would love to see a Marvel movie centering around all the female characters from the Marvel universe coming together.

She said: ''Let's just do it! I think if we're going into the next phase of Marvel, we've gotta completely tick that off the list. An all-female Marvel cinematic experience. I'm down for that.''

And the 24-year-old actress is also hopeful that her character Shuri will be given a ''bit more responsibility of having a say in what happens in the land'' in the inevitable sequel of the hit movie rather than be stuck in the lab.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: ''I would like to see [Shuri] venture out [of Wakanda] a little bit more and go on different missions around the world, and hopefully, she can go on those missions with her brother. I'd like to see her have a bit more responsibility in the land as well. She is a princess and I think in the first film she's kind of like, 'Yeah, I'm a princess ... but I'm in the lab.' But for her to have a bit more responsibility of having a say in what happens in the land as well, and what goes on, that would be cool because it can show a little bit more of maturity for her.''

Meanwhile, Wright hopes 'Black Panther' will make ''different normal''.

She explained: ''So many young black women love science, technology, engineering and maths. But that's not the widely held image of the kind of person who likes those things. We're happy that people are feeling the film, but we also just want it to become normal. We're trying to make different normal.''