Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover struggles to play the action hero in interviews - he can't stay awake long enough. The 60 year old was promoting his new film BAMAKO in London this week (beg12FEB07) but when WENN was granted a private audience he spent five minutes stretched out asleep on the carpet before agreeing to answer any questions. But don't worry, the dozy star isn't getting "too old for this s**t" - he revealed he only averages a spartan two hours proper sleep a day so has to make up for his bed shortfall with a series of power naps between work appointments. Before sliding off his chair and shutting his eyes, Glover apologised, "I know it's unusual behaviour but I need five minutes on the floor. I find it impossible to sleep at nights so it's good to take these breaks." As well as quick napping, Glover reveals he keeps his energy levels up by gorging on sugary snacks. Throughout press junkets he's not embarrassed to scoff on tubs of strawberry ice cream or crunch popcorn to keep his snores at bay. After keeping our reporter waiting while he snoozed, Glover rose and demanded an assistant "get me some strawberry ice-cream" before he would allow the interview to commence. Looks like all the sweet treats and hasty beauty sleep are paying dividends - last month the hunky pensioner was voted fifth sexiest over-60 movie star in the world. Bet those female fans are desperate to be his DREAMGIRLS.