London rapper Lethal Bizzle has lashed out at revellers who attended a recent English music festival - after he was allegedly racially abused while performing at the event.
The 23-year-old - real name Maxwell Ansah - played a set at the Download Festival in Leicestershire on Sunday (15Jun08) and was shocked at angry festivalgoers' overtly aggressive reaction at his appearance.
The star faced a barrage of abuse during his appearance, with some of the crowd throwing plastic bottles and yogurt at the rapper.
However, Ansah says he wasn't offended by the crowd - until someone threw a banana skin onstage with an allegedly racist message scrawled across its skin.
And the star is fuming that the crowds decided to stoop to such levels.
He says, "If you want to send out a message about music, fair enough. But what the f**k is the point of bringing in my skin colour?"
But the star expected some criticism from revellers, as he had seen internet forums littered with racist remarks after it was announced he was booked to play at the event.
He adds, "I found a message board thread with over 100 posts, all of them talking about when I was going to get bottled. By the time I left for the festival I was fully aware that my booking was a problem."
But Ansah insists the incident has not put him off appearing at U.K. festivals: "Being who I am, I'd probably do it again. I'm pretty sure my DJ wouldn't though."