British actor Leslie Phillips has been hospitalised following a stroke earlier this month (Aug14).

The Carry On star, 90, fell ill during a bus journey in London and his wife Zara called an ambulance.

She says, "Leslie suddenly started leaning on me and was unable to put a ticket in his coat pocket. He had terrible pains in his left arm so I stopped the bus and called an ambulance... He kept saying to me 'don't make a fuss' but I knew he was unwell and needed urgent help."

He was taken to a hospital in the capital and has since been transferred to a specialist stroke centre. He is in a stable condition but is expected to spend at least a month at the facility.

Zara adds, "Leslie is very strong and I'm sure he will pull through. I love him to bits and I know his millions of fans will want to wish him well for the future."

Phillips married Zara, his third wife, in December (13). Their honeymoon was cancelled so he could have a non-cancerous growth removed from his nose.