The passing of the American comic actor Leslie Nielsen has inspired tributes from hundreds of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard's legendary 'Walk of Fame'. Visitors to Los Angeles have been pausing to remember the late 'Naked Gun' star as they pass his commemorative star which he received in 1998, reports ITN.
Nielsen was 84-years-old when he died of pneumonia complications near his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Monday 29th November 2010. The actor's career spanned six decades, however, he will perhaps be best remembered for his iconic comedy performance in the 1980 movie 'Airplane!', which featured the famous line, "Don't call me Shirley". He went on to star in the slapstick comedy series, 'Naked Gun'. Carlo Castellano, a Nielsen fan from Australia paid his respects in Los Angeles, saying, "Everything I've watched just made me laugh. He was just a very funny man and very enjoyable", before adding, "He made a lot of people laugh and he made a lot of people happy and I think that's what he wanted to do in life".
Carole Eon, a French fan, said, "It's too bad, he was a very good actor and, apparently, he was in the middle of a new project but now we won't be able to see the finished product". The actor had voiced a character for the forthcoming film 'The Waterman Movie', however, the projects producer BRYAN WATERMAN told that a 'great deal' of production is still yet to be completed.