Leslie Mann is vegetarian - but loves pepperoni on pizza.

The 'Blockers' actress eats a meat-free diet most of the time, but has made an exception for the ''meat meat'' - even though she thinks the spicy sausage is the ''grossest'' cow or pig product she could consume.

Asked her favourite pizza topping, she said: ''Well I'm supposed to be vegetarian, but for some reason I've made it OK to eat pepperoni because it's so good. But it seems like a fake meat. It doesn't seem like a meat meat.

''It is a meat meat, but it's probably the grossest meat you can have, but I've made it OK in my head to eat pepperoni for some reason.''

The 46-year-old actress - who has daughters Iris and Maude with husband Judd Apatow - had a great time working with John Cena on 'Blockers' and didn't even mind helping to preserve his modesty on one particular scene in the comedy.

Interviewing one another for BuzzFeed, Leslie told John: ''Favourite scene was probably the butt-chugging scene. That was good fun. It was good fun trying to protect you from showing your butthole to the 100 extras.''

And when shooting the movie, 40-year-old John - who is engaged to fellow wrestler Nikki Bella - learned a ''dangerous'' new way to get drunk.

Asked by Leslie what lessons he'd learned, he said: '' Alcohol enemas get you buzzed. So if you need a quick happy hour and you can't get caught drinking, you can always set up some sort of alcoholic colostomy bag.''

But Leslie warned: ''But don't do it, because it's dangerous.''

John agreed: ''It's also dangerous. Live on the edge.''

The WWE superstar has appeared in a number of movies and particularly loves stripping on screen.

Asked his favourite role, he said: ''Man, all of them are such fun. I guess the ones without my clothes, so the one in 'Trainwreck' was very fun, because it was very encouraging to take risks.''