Actress Leslie Mann is in awe of Jennifer Aniston's "perfect butt" after spending the entire Academy Awards ceremony checking out the former FRIENDS star's backside.
The comedienne attended the prestigious prizegiving earlier this year (09) with her director husband Judd Apatow and the couple was seated directly behind Aniston.
Mann admits she has always been envious of photographs of Aniston frolicking on the beach in tiny swimsuits and decided to use the Oscars opportunity to discover how true to life the paparazzi shots were.
And Mann was left so stunned by the actress' anatomy, she insists the tabloid shots don't do Aniston justice.
She says, "We got invited to the Academy Awards and we were sitting behind Jennifer Aniston and I'm always kind of jealous of the pictures of her in those trashy magazines in the little bikini, with her whole butt hanging out... Her butt looks so perfect and I can't believe anyone's butt looks so good, I'm convinced they retouched it.
"So I'm sitting behind her and I thought there's a lot of standing ovations, so I'm gonna sit down and check it out. So everybody's standing up and I'm sitting down and I got every view, every angle of her butt and it's perfect! Perfect! Those magazines don't even do her justice, it's better in person!"