Leslie Jones is joining NBC to cover the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The 50-year-old actress has officially joined the American broadcaster for its coverage of the global sporting event, which is due to begin on February 9.

NBC Olympics production and programming president Jim Bell said: ''Experiencing the Olympics through the lens of Leslie is unlike anything else.

''Her passion for Team USA is contagious, and her adventures in South Korea should be fascinating.''

Prior to NBC's announcement, Leslie revealed via her Twitter account that she's already eagerly looking forward to the Winter Olympics.

But Leslie's interest in sports isn't restricted to the Olympics Games.

In 2016, the 'Ghostbusters' star turned her attention towards soccer, admitting she'd started watching the game as part of her push to find a new boyfriend.

Leslie joked: ''Ok y'all soccer is on today I'm gonna be looking for a boyfriend lmao (sic)''

The actress subsequently admitted to being attracted to some of the players and coaches, including Tim Howard, the former goalkeeper of the US national team.

She also wrote on the micro-blogging website: ''I WANT TO GO TO A SOCCER GAME SOMEBODY MAKE IT HAPPEN!! (sic)''

But in another tweet, Leslie admitted she feared for the safety of the players.

She asked: ''dumb question they got on cleats right? I mean I'm scare for their shins it's scary they can really hurt them Beautuful selves! I'm worried (sic)''

And Leslie revealed she hadn't pledge her allegiance to one team, because she considers all of the players to be winners.

She quipped: ''Um I forgot to ask who do I cheer for cause as far as I'm concern they all winners with they fine ass lmao (sic)''