The comedienne is joined by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate MCKinnon in the new reboot of the beloved supernatural franchise, but ever since the all-female cast was announced, they have been at the centre of controversy for taking over from the jobs once led by men, such as actors Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd.

Leslie has had to read the nasty comments from critics on her Twitter feed, but on Monday (11Jul16), she decided enough was enough and called out the male haters for their hypocrisy when it comes to seeing women on the big screen.

"Some people are just sick!," she wrote. "They will say f**ked up stuff then when you go to their feed they have kids. Daughters even. What will you tell your daughter when she wants to dress like a GB (Ghostbuster) for Halloween. You gonna tell them they can't be one? I liked (sic) to see that.

"Are you gonna tell her the bulls**t you tweeting to me. The sexist most racist comments ever. Are you gonna show that? It's very sick and sad. Matter of fact what will (you) say to her if she came home crying about the same thing being said 2 her. People don't think about what they put out."

She also discussed the problematic use of the term "female comedienne" in a recent interview with, saying, "I hate being called a female comedienne. It's so obvious. Do you say male comedian? No you don't. So you know I'm a female. I got t**ties and a**. I just hate that label."

"I hate getting even introduced like that," she continued. "'Y'all ready for a female?' 'Oh you ready for a unicorn?' Like, I'm not a different species. It's a man and woman. You have seen me before. Stop trying to act like you don't identify with me. I'm your mother. I'm your sister. I'm your cousin. You have seen me."