DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Lesley Ann Warren has been sensationally fired from her lead role in new movie DEVIL YOU KNOW on the second day of filming because of her outrageous demands.

Warren, who plays TERI HATCHER'S mother in the hit TV series, reportedly threw constant tantrums on set and was quickly axed from production.

Her bad behaviour involved forcing producers to book two separate plush hotels for the filming and insisting an assistant director was fired after she took offence to the sound of her voice.

The 59-year-old then had a crazed fit on set after discovering her bottled water had been chilled when she had specified room temperature.

First time director JAMES OAKLEY finally fired the actress after she further delayed filming with frequent toilet breaks.

A movie insider tells, "It's infuriating because she knew what she was getting into. This is an independent movie. We're doing it for the love of the game. Everyone knew there were no perks. We got almost nothing done on the first day.

"When she started up the same way on the second day, Oakley, to his credit, fired her.

"It was a ballsy (brave) move for a director making his first movie.

"It was like a poison was being spread through the whole production.

"We would have all been in hell for the next four weeks."

THE NINTH GATE actress Lena Olin will cover Warren's role when filming resumes on 1 September (05).