Quentin Tarantino's 'Star Trek' movie will be R rated.

Following reports the 'Pulp Fiction' director had shared his idea for the next Starship Enterprise story with J.J. Abrams and was keen to direct, Deadline claims Tarantino has already met with writers.

But the 'Kill Bill' filmmaker is insisting on an R rating - and Paramount and Abrams are said to have agreed to this condition.

Big budget blockbusters traditionally edit films to be no higher than a PG-13 (12A) in order to maximise their audience.

Tarantino's films have mostly been R rated - which means at least a 15 certificate in the UK - due to their use of extreme profanity and violence.

This bold new move could see a very different tone to the banter on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise in the next instalment.

The 'Reservoir Dogs' director is also reported to have spent several hours discussing his plot idea with writers including Mark L. Smith, who is now thought to be the front-runner to pen the script.

He is best known for writing epic western 'The Revenant' which won Leonardo Dicaprio his first ever Oscar for Best Actor after years of being nominated but going home empty handed.

Also said to be in the room were 'Godzilla vs. Kong' writer Lindsey Beer, and 'Iron Man 3' scribe Drew Pearce.

Tarantino is also in the process of prepping a movie about Charles Manson, which he had begun work on before the cult leader died in November this year.