The story of a 1980s band who lip-synched their way to stardom could be made into a film.

Pop duo Milli Vanilli enjoyed enormous commercial success in the late 1980s. Their 1988 single Girl You Know It's True went platinum, while they won a Grammy award for best new artist in 1990.

They then won lasting notoriety as the relentless music media machine unveiled them as lip-synching fakes.

Quite how Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus managed to become a bestselling pop act without actually singing on any of their records is now being considered as a story by the screenwriter of Catch Me If You Can, the 2002 film in which Leonardo Dicaprio played a teenage fraudster.

"I've always been fascinated by the notion of fakes and frauds," Jeff NatHanson told Variety magazine.

"And in this case you had guys who pulled off the ultimate con, selling 30 million singles and 11 million albums and then becoming the laughing stocks of pop entertainment."

According to media reports, surviving band member Morvan has given his approval to the project. Pilatus died in 1998.

15/02/2007 15:13:50